PharosN for business partners

PharosN Digital Business Ecosystem

PharosN ecosystem provides the novel platform for

  • Development and running of custom digital transformation solutions  
  • Instruments and environment supporting business development for system integrators, IoT solution providers, automation and communication companies, developers of smart technologies in many application areas as well as in education and training.
  • Management of own business solutions by partners
  • Support of customers by the implementation partners

Its main distinguished features are as follows:

  • Brand new instruments for implementation and upgrading of complex end user systems
  • Easy development of custom models of target cyber-physical systems empowered by knowledge of applications
  • Quick prototyping of unique custom solutions by developers, no programming required
  • Solution runs open model of target cyber-physical system transforming data streams into information services and controls
  • Rich set of options for smart monitoring, analytics and control of processes
  • Holistic view on ongoing status of sustainability and conditions for custom applications
  • Empowering developers to cope with complexity, big data and IoT integration in solution implementation
  • Digital transformation is based on new scientific and technological pillars
  • Unified effective linking between physical and virtual worlds
  • Solves issues of automatic data collection from multiple data sources, IoT
  • Integration and data exchange with various automated and information systems
  • Attractive business model for developers to benefit from sale of customized solutions to different customers and its continuous support and upgrading
  • Partners competitive edge and business growth is empowered by high productivity, operatoinal performance and leading innovation in new areas of Smart Everything and Sustainability Management

As developers of this unique advanced platform we are eager to listen about the needs and requirements of prospective partners for providing them with best cut edge instruments effectively addressing their business challenges.