Managing subscriptions

Digital transformation services, applications, learning and reference materials, support and other activities are provided as Subscriptions. Each subscription is made by a Portal Member and is assigned to his/her Virtual Organization or VOrg.

The complete list of current subscriptions is available to you by clicking on “Subscribe now” link. The service options are presented in separate subscription categories:

  • PharosN engines installed in cloud or locally in house
  • Software components installed and running on each engine 
  • Reference and training materials
  • Partnerships
  • Advertisements  

The subscription options include as follows:

  • Subscribing for PharosN engine software having two main options: (1) In–cloud not requiring installation and (2) In-house requiring downloading engine software copy and its installing locally on dedicated hardware server
  • Installing Power Client software copy for personal computer, tablet or notebook under MS Windows or Ubuntu operating systems
  • Setting Light Client copies for users to access PharosN engine services (running in a browser)
  • Obtaining sample object models for different applications e.g.Smart manufacturing enterprise, Smart City, etc which can be used for rapid prototyping, learning and customizing
  • Obtaining priority support on-line

Subscription fees 

The subscription fees are kept reasonable. First time customers and Partners are provided with free payment certificates covering fees for complete package of services for exploratory and evaluation periods.

The payments to your VOrg deposit account are made by using external payment providers having official agreements with Portal Provider. The payments do not require any personal financial data such as credit cards, bank accounts, etc. You are not asked for such information as it is not used in PharosN portal services. 

Please refer for the details in Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.