as Member

The PharosN portal services are provided to its registered Members. Membership is free.

Each Portal Member receives and self-manages own personal account, has own virtual organizations or VOrgs, can make subscription to services as member of some VOrg, prepare and publish own advertisements, review logs, exchange messages with other members of own groups. The member account provides as follows:

  • Secure and authorized access at any time and from any place
  • Setting own VOrg as collaboration group and its managing as Master
  • Inviting colleagues and collaborators to join the group
  • Joining other groups by invitation of its members
  • Selecting and subscribing to services (software components, applicaition models, learning, etc)
  • Automatic implementation of software service subscriptions, its upgrading and extension
  • Management of databases and servers installed in own organizations (data ownership, backup, restore, migration, etc)
  • Publishing advertisements about own products and services, promoting own business opportunities
  • Making payments to personal account deposit for paid service subscriptions
  • Issuing subscription certificates to other members and organizational groups,
  • Using subscription certificates issued by other members and the PharosN portal service provider for subscribing to services of its extending
  • Accessing support and reporting for financial transactions, invoices, subscriptions, etc.
  • Becoming business partner and obtaining relevant privileges, promotions and new opportunities
  • Requesting and receiving assistance provided for Members by the Portal support team in case of complex issues
  • Automatic notification about events related to managing own member area, subscriptions and implementation of services

The list of options may be updated.

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