Managing own applications

The digital information services, reference materials, learning, training, support, activities are available for the Portal Members as subscriptions. Each subscription shall be assigned to your Portal Organization which you create or in which you participate. The subscriptions and your Portal Organizations are self-managed.

The complete list of current subscriptions is available to you in your Member area by clicking on menu item “Add new Services”. Alternatively it can be added when you review members and subscriptions in your organization by clicking on menu item “My Organizations”. The service options are presented in separate subscription categories:

  • Enterprise PharosN engines installed in-cloud or locally in-house
  • Software Clients (uploaded to particular engines automatically for installing on user devices) 
  • Enterprise Model Builder providing interactive tools for application models development and engine administration
  • Sample enterprise application models e.g. “Smart Manufacturing Enterprise”
  • On-line learning wizards 
  • Reference and training materials
  • Publications and advertisements (e.g. case studies, etc)

The engine software can be installed In–cloud and run immediately after subscription (European or US or Asian cloud options). Alternatively it can be installed on premises and requires downloading and installing the software copy locally on dedicated hardware.

After the PharosN engine becomes running, all other software components and updates are installed automatically in accordance to (1) subscriptions made at PharosN portal and (2) local PharosN engine management policy set by its administrators ABA. The management of subscriptions is made by at PharosN portal by the Masters or Supervisors of relevant virtual organization while the PharosN engine is administered by its Administrators of Business Applications (ABA). 

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