Horizon 2020 and R&D&I

The application areas for the PharosN modeling technology are wide and diverse: Smart Enterprises, Industry 4 and Factories of Future, Smart Assets Management, Smart Ports, Smart Energy, Smart bio-processing plants, Smart CIties and Communities, Water, Waste, Urban services, Smart and Green Buildings, Environmental and quality management, compliance to standards, Quality & Safety & Risk Management, and Education and Training.

The relevant RDI calls could include ICT, SCC, SC5, BB, MG, FCH, FOF, IoT, LEIT, SPACE, ENSUF, Smart, Green and integrated transport, CO-CREATION (integrated management and governance, data, measurement and benchmarking), Health Programme (human modeling, measurement, analytics, assessment automation). The partnership may target the alternative national, international and private funding sources.

The diversity of the optional project areas is related to the underlying RDI concepts “System of Systems” which empower abstract modeling of complex cyber-physical systems linked with smart everything and enabling digital transformation of the big data streams into rich set of customized value added data driven information services and controls.